PC #354: ‘International ad’ card from Taiwan

Here’s a very historical card from Yumie of Taiwan. It shows a 1943 International Harvester War Bond ad taken from a vintage magazine. What’s exactly written in the article:

Serving EVERY Nation of the UNITED NATIONS – The End of Shooting War! In every mind is the thought of Victory, but the word is only a symbol. Victory will mark the end of killing, the end of destruction – but it has no substance. Victory we must have, but having it will give us little – until we win the PEACE. Production – construction -REconstruction …. these will be on call when war is done, and these have been International Harvester’s fields, with out frill or ornament, for 112 years. Today Harvester builds weapons for every theater of war. It builds many that are deadly, many that will be useless after Victory. But Harvester also builds many machines whose job in modern war is very like the work of peace. Take these powerful crawler tractors, for example. Tens of thousands of war-geared Internationals serve in all branches of the Armed Services …. as prime movers of big guns …. smoothers of bomb-torn landing fields …. clearers of jungle …. builders of mighty emergency highways. When it’s time to carry on beyond a Victory, here’s a combat weapon ready-made to meet the shocks that come with peace. War is toughening the tractor, as it toughens the soldier – readying a powerful force to help rebuild the world.

International Power (1943)

Yumie used a nice Delonix regia stamp:

Thanks, Yumie!


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