PC #425: Shennu Peak – China

Oh boy, what a week! I’m tied on my bed right now, can’t get up. I feel sick, when I shouldn’t be. Y.Y Work has been exhausting and very stressful.. lots of pressure everywhere. I wasn’t expecting sales to be that challenging. And I hate it when there’s politics in the work place. I do hope everything will change tomorrow night.

And so here I am, posting just one card here before I sleep tonight. How about posting one card each day? Instead of letting the bunch of cards waiting to be posted here. And so I picked this ‘gloomy’ photo of the Shennu (or Goddess) Peak. It is the highest of the twelve unique peaks along Wu Gorge. Some people would say it resembles a maiden standing like a goddess. Well, it reminds of Mt. Makiling in Laguna, my hometown province, which resembles a woman lying on her back. The people refer to the woman as the goddess Makiling, who was very nice to the people. However, some abused her kindness and so she got mad and never showed up again. :((

Shennu Peak

The card’s from Stanley Pao (StanleyPao), and he used really cool stamps! I love the drawings :-))


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