PC #436: Berlin – Germany

Happy 2012! Yes, it’s the Chinese Year of the Dragon.. but of course, it will be best described as another Year of Our Lord. Glad I was able to spend it with my family. We went to the Church, and then to the mall to watch a film entitled “My House Husband, Ikaw na!” starring Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, and Eugene Domingo. And tonight, we drank some wine while watching “Saw”, a horror movie. Too bad only my sister Peps and I were left to finish the film. XD

Anyways, I’m seeing busier days ahead (which is better than wasting my time trying to get somebody’s attention). That would mean lesser time to post cards here. But I’ll try to post every single card I receive. Still one of my simple joys, and one of my favorite past times.

So here’s one from Tami, a card featuring beautiful Berlin at night.


Berlin, according to folk etymology, came from the German word Bär, meaning “bear”. But others say it is probable that the name came from  a Slavic source, Old Polabian berl- or birl-, meaning  “swamp”. The city is located on low, marshy ground along the River Spree.

Beautiful stamp of Romania used, but it was issued in Germany:



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