PC #437: “From Ashikaga Park” (art card) – Japan

Just a few thoughts after watching the Tagalog film, “My House Husband, Ikaw na!” with my family yesterday. My Lola told me as we walked out of the theatre, “So the moral of the story is that what men can, women can do as well.”  I agree to that. In fact, I can’t envision myself just staying at home looking after the kids and doing household chores. I also want to exercise my capabilities as a professional. :-))

Anyways, one of the best lines in the story was this: Aida (Eugene Domingo) was confronted by the real wife and daughter of Daddy, her old lover.

Wife: “So, this is your father’s new whore!”

Eugene: “I am not a WHORE! I am a woman in love!”

It was funny, but isn’t it the way most women or men who commit adultery view themselves?  They’re just victims of love. I am not pr0- those kinds of relationships, but as one of my best pals said, Who are we to go against the ways of love?

Lol, let me just go ahead and post another card. This time it’s from Momoko, an art card featuring the Ashikaga Park. It is known as Japan’s oldest and largest wisteria (flower park).


From Ashikaga Park

Really wonderful stamps used! Thanks to Momoko ♥



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