PC #438: Long Neck Karen Maehongson (Thailand) from Malaysia

We all have our own standards of beauty. For some, it is the ‘Barbie’-like concept, all white and glamorous with statistics of 24-36-24. In ancient China, beautiful women were characterized as having small hands and feet. In ancient Philippines, beauty meant having a larger than the normal head.

Interestingly, one of the ethnic groups in Thailand known as the Karen people sees beauty in long necks! According to my friend Aileen, the Karen people begin wearing brass rings around their neck at age 5. More of these rings are being added as the girl grows up, and stops when she gets married or when she reaches adulthood. These Karen people originated from Myanmar.


Long Neck Karen

Aileen thoughtfully sent me a tea sachet (which was really good!) and a cute smiley clip as well ♥ Stamp is a limited edition showing Indian traditional food.

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