PC #439: ‘Puss in Boots’ (art card) from Russia

Yay, surprised to hear from Irena! She sent me this nice art card of.. Puss in Boots I think. It’s a French fairy tale about a clever cat who asked for a pair of boots, and then saved his master by helping him marry the princess. The master was the youngest son of a miller, who left the mill to the eldest brother, the mules to the second brother, and the cat to the youngest.

The fairy tale was written by Charles Perrault (1628-1703) in 1697 and poses the importance of savoir-faire or “how to do or respond to any situation.” In Tagalog, diskarte!

Puss in Boots

Beautiful stamps used include Poor Liza,  a story written in 1792 by Nikolay Karamzin (1766-1826). Next to Germany, I want to go to Russia! ♥


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