PC #440: Illustration cards from S. Korea

Here are some illustration cards from my friend, Juhee. 🙂 The first one is of the novel Daddy Long Legs, a young adult novel written by American writer Jean Webster in 1912. The story is about an orphan  girl named Judy Abbott, who was lucky enough to have a benefactor in college! In return, she will have to write a monthly letter to John Smith (the benefactor). Judy never spoke nor met her benefactor all throughout her college days. There was one close instance, though, but Judy was only able to see the shadow of John Smith. Hence, she referred to her benefactor as Daddy Long Legs!

Oha, I know her story. Why, she’s part of my childhood, along with the Little Women, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, and many others. I just love classic literature ♥

Daddy Long Legs!

Juhee is so cute! She said my cards are so “girlish and lovely”. Hahaha, I just love putting stickers and using colorful pens. Hmm. I also like the second card, a personalized one. Juhee wrote: 메이로즈 내 친구야 잘 지내니 ? (Maerose, how are you my friend?) *sweetness*

And the third card is awwww… way too cute!

My pen friends really make most of my days! Thank God for cute friends like Juhee ♥



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