PC #443: Umeda Sky Building – Japan

Guess what? Surprisingly, I graduated with a Latin distinction attached to my name. For some countries, the title cum laude (with praise) is not used to distinguish students for their academic performance. But here in PH, it’s no piece of cake! In fact, my family and friends are prouder than me. At the University of the Philippines, if you graduate with a general weighted average of 1-1.25, you will be awarded the distinction summa cum laude (with highest praise), and if you get between 1.26-1.45, you will get magna cum laude (with high honors). Cum laude is given to those with a grade between 1.451-1.75. (I’m super somewhere in between).

So I’m really thankful to God because… I couldn’t ask for more! I know I have made some bad decisions in the past, but that all helped for me to become the person I am right now. It gave me a lot of experiences on different aspects such as leadership and management, etc. Hm. This must be a sign not to stop believing! Fighting much!

So exciting to march in April! Wee! So here’s a card which reminds me that the sky is the limit! *laughs* My friend Friederike wrote Osaka is all about big buildings like the Umeda Sky Building, which is the twelfth tallest building in Osaka, Japan and one of the most famous landmarks. So you see, it’s a couple of towers connected by a bridge. (Oh boy, Wikipedia is on a black out right now, a way to make people aware of the current scenario–the US Congress deciding on a legislation that would sort of “close/end” the “free and open Internet”. I don’t know exactly what that means, but goodness gracious, say ‘No” to that!)


Umeda Sky Building

I miss a lot of blogging. Lots of cards waiting to be posted here. Hope I’ll find lotsa time to do that. *yay! look who’s busy now* Anyways, here are kawaii stamps used and thanks to Friederike:



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