PC #444: ICE Cologne Central Station – Germany

Look at what we have here! A nice postcard of Germany’s ICE (Inter-City-Express) train. This train connects major German cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne and Berlin. I wouldn’t know a thing about this awesome piece of genius without my German pal. Here in PH, we don’t have nice trains.. uhm, haven’t experienced a nice one. We have the MRT (Metro Railway Transit) and the  LRT (Light Railway Transit) but they cover short distances only and they’ve got lotsa issues like contracts and stuff like that. As for the PNRs (Philippine National Railways), I know nothing. Perhaps because its major tracks can be found in the provinces? I don’t know. Hm. Maybe I should start reading about our own national railway and see If I’ll be proud of it.

According to the caption on the back which is in Deutsch, the Central Station is an interesting technical industrial monument. It’s 24 meters in height and features a delicate and airy glass and steel construction. I dream of experiencing this ICE. And I wish it’ll happen soon.

Inter City Express

The card was sent by Maria, and she used really cool German stamps. One of which features Franz Liszt (1811-1886), a Hungarian composer, pianist, conductor and teacher.

Thanks to Maria. And here’s one of Liszt’s most famous work: Love Dream (Liebestraum).


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