PC #447: Meet-up Card from Germany

I watched an American film last night, starring Adam Sandler. I first met him in the film called ’50 First Dates‘ (which was really awesome!). Well, the film I saw last night was entitled ‘Click’ and I thought it was mushy at first. There’s this guy named Mike (Adam S.) who’s so workaholic that sometimes he neglects his promises to his family. He wanted to make his life easier, so he went to a store and bought this magical universal remote control, which has the capabilities of fast-forwarding one’s life. In short, the remote takes control of everything, including real people and real scenarios. Well, apparently the movie made me cry in the end. Lol. I thought it was mushy, but then.. I’d suggest my sister watch it! You should too. XD

Anyways, the card you’re seeing in this entry is from my thoughtful friend, Tami. The card contains signatures of Postcrossers present at the 2nd International Weekend Meet-up in Bielefeld, Germany last November 24-27, 2011.

Of course, the kid on the card is Asian. I’m guessing she’s Cambodian? XD

Beauatiful stamp used. Thanks to Tami :-))

And of course, this post will not be complete without the trailer of the movie Click!


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