PC #448: Wayang Bali (art card) from Indonesia

OM. I miss posting any entry here. What has become of me? I need to do lots of updates for my penfriends as well. I’m doomed! Ha! But I’m not giving up. And I will send stuff again very, very soon. Yey.

Anyways, here’s a very elegant card from dear Sekar and it features Wayang Bali. Some references say it’s a sacred performing art which requires several purification rites, while others say it’s for pure entertainment. The wayang or shadow puppet is a flat, cut-out figure that is silhoueted against a white screen using a coconut husk lamp. And on the card are representations of Hanuman and Sita from an epic Indian literary piece, Ramayana.

Wayang Bali : Hanuman and Sita, a symbol of undying love and trust

It must be nice to watch, or perform, a shadow puppet show. I’ll keep this in mind when I start teaching. Hehe. My friend used two wonderful stamps featuring Indonesia’s ancient Candi Borobudur temples, and the gigantic Rafflesia arnoldi flower. Both stamps are part of the Indonesia-Japan Joint Stamp Issue released in 2008. Thanks so much to Sekar ❤


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