PC #523: Liebe Macchiato – Germany

Coffee!!! Macchiato is Italian and could either mean a caffee, espresso with a little milk, OR latte, milk with a little espresso. Well, I need to become more health conscious this days. I’ll be working as a full-time teacher soon, so I should always be mentally and physically healthy. Yay, a little sip of coffee won’t hurt though. 😉

Nice stamps used. Thank, dear Lisa! ♥


One response to “PC #523: Liebe Macchiato – Germany

  1. Hi there, I really like your blog since I share the same likes – collecting postcards from my friends & penpal who make an effort to pen their thoughts on postcards while travelling overseas, not so much keychains but probably, fridge magnets which are mostly from my sister from her overseas business trips.

    It is also a pleasant surpise that you are a budding teacher! My second pen pal is also a teacher who has been my pen pal for more than a decade. Do you think we can be penpals or postcard pals? Perhaps, we can share our ideals towards teaching? Hope to hear from you. soon.

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