PC #540: Cupcake – The Netherlands

Falling for someone virtual. Never think about it. It’s depressing, and it will give you too much insecurities like you’ve never had before. I need to be working really, really soon, just to divert my thoughts away from him. Though anywhere I go, he’s with me. In my heart. What did I do to deserve this? *drama mode* I’ve told myself a hundred times before that it’s just nothing, an infatuation, coz that guy is really smart. But it’s been a year.. a year and a half. And I’m finding it hard to entertain the real ones. I’m doomed. 😦

Thanks to this cute card from Carola, it made me smile for a while! So I’ll just go ahead and have a cupcake or two with my youngest sister. Hmmmn!

Cute stamp used. Thanks to Carola! The sun will always shine, my friend! Keep your chin up! 😉

Alrighty! All postcards featured here! Time to prepare for Lent. We’ll be going on a road trip. God bless Planet Earth!


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