PC #555: Art Card – Germany

I’m not very techy.. but right now, I’m having some impulsive buying syndrome again. I want a new phone! Haha I don’t usually feel this way. Most of the time, I’m contented with my old phone, a Cherry Mobile TV phone. But at this very moment, I have this huge urge to buy a new model. Samsung or Blackberry? Smartphone? Well, smartphones are cheaper. Don’t know how to end this year with a bang, except that I’ll be visiting Manila Ocean Park. Hmm.. a new phone will do. 😉

Oh, I miss posting cards on here. So I’ll start with a beauty, an art card from Germany. My sister is currently in Berlin, how’s that? But the card isn’t from her, it’s from Kilu_79. (DE-1335298)


Musik ist die Spreche der Liebe. Music is the language of love. True enough. ♫

Love is such an incomprehensible thing. So before I say anything stupid, I’d stop here. 😉 Off to the embassy on Tuesday. Wish me luck!


PS. This is my 555th received postcard, and my 100th from Germany 😉


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