PC #556: Kaohsiung Port map – China

I so love my new HP 3-in-1 (printer, scanner, copier). Haha 🙂 No more blurry postcard pictures. And to start, here’s a nice card from Weiting. I feel terribly sorry that the pen-friendship did not last. But if someone’s really meant to be your friend, that person will be no matter what.

The card shows an old map of Kaohsiung Port drawn by the Japanese government over 6 decades ago, says my friend. China was colonized by Japan for around half a century. I didn’t know that so that’s something new to me. Japan destroyed Manila and nearby provinces during the World Wars too. But no hard feelings, as both countries (Jap-Phils) have good relationships now. 😉

I hope my friend who sent this card is now happy in her career. Carpe diem!


Awesome stamps used. I miss seeing nice stamps. Thanks, Weiting!



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