PC #557: Münster’s town hall – Germany

One of my best pals I really, really miss is Maria. 😦 We need to do a lot of catching up! Can’t wait for summer vacation. Perhaps I will already be in Europe by summer, so it will be easier to send cards to my European friends.

The last card Maria sent me was a Good Luck card for my Licensure Exam, which I luckily passed. Now, she sends me the majestic town hall of Münster City. I thought it was a Church because of the beautiful facade. Apparently, it’s a gothic building from the mid-14th century.


The hall serves as a historical landmark, a venue for “the negotiations of the Peace of Westphalia which concluded the Thirty Years’ War in Europe and the Eighty Years’ War between Spain and the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands.” Interesting place indeed, thanks to my history-lover friend. 😉

Stamp shows the UNESCO site of Regensburg:



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