PC #558: Lali Card 6 from Germany

I so love lali cards, and I so love and miss Tami. 😦 We also need to do a lot of catching up. Life.. But it was nice to hear that she has moved back to her parents’. It’s really difficult to live far from one’s family.

It was thoughtful of her to send me my 6th Lali card. Up to now, I can’t find the little bear which stole the bees’ honey. Can you help me?


Beautiful stamps! All thanks to Tami 😉


And oh, before starting my job last April, I was about to send cards for my pals. Failing to do so is something I really regret. Now everything is outdated. I hope it still isn’t late to send these. 😉



4 responses to “PC #558: Lali Card 6 from Germany

  1. uuuh I found him!! second row from beneath, second bear.. see his butt is aching where the bees hurted him 🙂 such a lovely card!

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