Hello, postcard friends!

Finally! I’m back!!! 🙂 But still a newbie to the Danish postal system. A few days ago, I managed to buy some stamps, get some free cards from SuperBrugsen (yay, thanks! When the Danes mention this supermarket/grocery store, I always hear Super Virgin. Awesome Danish pronunciation. hehe Just joking), and ask questions about postage rates.

In the Philippines, it’s pretty cheap to send postcards. Well, what do I expect? Here in Denmark, it costs 12.50 DKK to send cards within Europe, and 14.50 DKK to anywhere in the world. Didn’t ask about mailing letters and parcels, so sad, so I’m going to stick to postcards for now.

The Little Mermaid stamp

The Little Mermaid stamp

"Fish" stamp

“Fish” stamp

I love the cards from SuperBrugsen… so summer-y! The first card says “Shall we share an ice cream? My heart within melts this summer.” And the second one says “You Me and the grill. Dinner when it suits us.” 😉



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