DK #1: Sunflower baby – GERMANY

I stopped posting cards a couple of months ago, that’s PC #596. I believe I failed to post several cards while still in the Philippines, and as it is impossible for me to do it now, I will just start all over again. This time, with cards received here in Denmark. And to begin with, here’s a cute card from my new pals, Rebecca and her cat Cleochen. 🙂 The image was photographed by Anne Geddes, an Australian photographer who has won many international awards for her pictures of children.


True enough, her work “mirrors the joy and love found in children who are the future of the planet.” I so love this card! Thanks to Rebecca and Cleochen! I ♥ the stamp too, which features the 50th year of the Fehmarnsundbrücke, a bridge that connects the German island of Fehmarn in the Baltic sea with the German mainland. It was declared an historic monument in 1999. 😉




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