First Postcrossing Meet Up in Manila, PH

“It’s been three months since I engaged myself in exchanging postcards. I’ve met a lot of people, both from here and abroad, participated (a little) in forums, etc. Until the time had come when me and my fellow Postcrossers here in Manila decided to finally meet up.

Other bigger countries conduct meet-ups for Postcrossers. Due to the geography of the Philippines, it becomes quite difficult to have a formal meet-up. So the group talked about it in the forum and yeah, we can have a ‘mini-meet up’, since only 4-5 people could attend (and that includes me!).

December 11, Saturday, at 2PM…”

To continue reading about the first meet-up and to view some photos, click here:

Meeting online friends for the first time


2 responses to “First Postcrossing Meet Up in Manila, PH

  1. That’s really nice. You get to meet people who loves collecting postcards. I would love to do that too but with my summer job and Other collectors lives in other states and Canada, I can’t just do that right now. Hopefully someday. I still have to find if there’s postcard collectors here in my state.

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