Lottery #2 (Closed)

After realizing that I have been living in Denmark for 300 days already, I decided to host my second lottery. I call it “My 300th Day in Denmark” Lottery, where participants can win this really nice illustration of Copenhagen’s major landmarks. It’s my “most favorited” sent card on Postcrossing, with 15 Likes and counting. Of course, I will also use a beautiful stamp, still waiting for the mailman to deliver the stamps. 😉

The Prize:

The mechanics: I asked the participants to tell me something about their place and what I should see/do/try out if I visit their country. Here are the responses I got. 😉

#1 jonaks: visit the white cross in Antipolo, eat suman and kasoy!

#2 Sofka: Be sure to visit Andreevsky Descent, a very ancient place, and very beautiful, they sell very beautiful aartiny, and different national things! Thanks for the lotto!

#3 NataLee: If you decide to visit Kazakhstan one day, I advise you to visit our capital – Astana and its famous building Astana-Baiterek. You’ll enjoy it!

#4 masves: If you visit Madrid, you should definitively visit Templo de Debod. Thanks for the lottery!

# 5 Dr_Vrachick: If you go to Russia, certainly in St. Petersburg! Wonderful city and the atmosphere! And of course go to the Hermitage and palaces. I especially like the Yusupov Palace. Thank you!

#6 9cherries: I agree with Dr_Vrachick, Yusupov Palace is the best Also I will advise you to go to a usual Russian fir forest in winter, it’s really beautiful! Thank you for the lottery!

#7 hsun2217: If you come to Taiwan, you should try as much food as you can! In night market, snack bar, or restaurant. Also you should spend some time will local people, they are all friendly

#8 SuSu29: Take a ride on the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls! Thanks for the lottery

#9 nediam_nori: In Kuopio you should visit Puijo Skijumping hill and eat kalakukko! Congratulations  and thank you!

# 10 Robisa: My city, Faenza, is famous in the world for its ceramics, so you should visit our ceramics museum! Thank you for your lottery!

#11 nastyazhuk: I live in KIEV here you can visit a very beautifull place called “Àíäð³¿âñüêèé ñïóñê”

#12 nisnoopy3: In the heart of the Kuala Lumpur city, the night view of Petronas Twin Towers is a real delight. And the Formula One Live Concert is held in March this year. Invited performers are Craig David, Rain (K-pop) and so on. Great time!  If I won, please have it as RAS please. Thank you for this lottery and congratulations for reaching 300th mark in Denmark!

#13 naturegirl: In Tartu You should take a walk on Toome Hill or on the banks of river Emajõgi and visit some of our numerous museums. Thanks!

#14 yudizt: Ohh come come  We have more than 14.000 islands here  You could travel into so many places that i even can’t explain one by one We have more than 250 local races and so many differents food and cultures that would amaze you  So, come come  Thankyou

#15 Lusy92: If you decide to visit Kyiv, you should visit Majdan Nezalezhnosti, Dnieper River! They are very beautiful!=) Thank you for the lottery!

#16 Nadjla: Mauritius is a tiny multicultural tropical island located in the Indian Ocean known for its sandy beaches and blue lagoons! Often our island is referred to as ‘the paradise on earth’ and it is indeed! So of course I’ll recommend you to visit here! Thanks you for the lottery!! ^^

#17 jodikmy: Hong Kong is a small city in southeast Asia. I think it is the most famous for its night view,as well as a unique theme park called the Ocean Park! Thanks for the lottery!

#18 soniasadin: I live in Pamplona, a city in the north of Spain. If you visit my city, you should visit the old part that has a lot of history. It still has a lot of its Middel Age buildings. Also you have to taste our local food Thanks for the lottery! The postcard is really beautiful.

#19 dragon27: In Baltimore, you must visit the National Aquarium. Thanks!

#20 KathyCC: If you ever visit Arizona, you’ve got to visit the Grand Canyon! ^^ Thank you!

#21 ritz: if you visit Abu Dhabi, you should see the largest mosque in UAE called “Sheik Zayed Mosque” and if your visiting Dubai you should see the Tallest Building in the world “Burj Kalifa”…

#22 luiprima: Im from Hungary if you visit here you see around in Budapest this is a very nice place

#23 Gardenlizard: I’m from Texas and you should eat lots of good B-B-Q!

#24 Julia-Brown: If you ever visit Boston, go to the Museum of Fine Arts! Thanks for the lottery- Denmark!

#25 IreneCheng: Visit the Forbidden City, you will not regret that!

#26 KittyCatBee: Visit the Golden Gate Bridge and walk across it, making sure to stop along the way to look at the view of the city! Thanks for the lottery!

#27 shelly: If you ever come to my hometown, you shouldn’t miss Calle Laurel, a small street full of taverns where you can taste the most delicious tapas you ever had Thanks for the lottery!

#28 Lazarevaa: You should definitely visit the heart of Kiev, the main street Khreschatyk. Thanks for the lotto!

#29 cocoliu77: I live in Xi’an.the hometown of the Terracotta Army,Huashan Mountain,The ancient capital of the Six Dynasties,if you come here,I think the Terracotta Army.the Hui street(sells delicious food),and the bell tower is great! thanks.

#30 un-deux-kiss: If you ever visit Mumbai, you should go to see The Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. And you should try our famous street food Thank you!

#31 yiphinwai: Try to enjoy the food in open air food stall Thanks

#32 grizzabella: Well, you should visit Kiel in the last week of June. Then, Kiel Week takes place which is the biggest sailing event in the world. It’s always so amazing to see all those big and small sailing vessels. Thank you

#33 Vizzzzz: What a nice card! When you visit the Netherlands you can go to my region Friesland. We have a lot of space, lakes and nice little cities. Also you van visit the islands that belongs to my region. Thank you for this lottery.

#34 Yulchester: Thank you

#35 Kama: Well, I study in Brno and it’s famous for some old churches and castles.

#36 ddonkey: in my part (the coast) of croatia you should come in the summer, enjoy the sunshine/sea and eat fresh seafood and sample wine tnx!

#37 wayness: You can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge Thank you

#38 renegade_Cavalcade: If you ever visit Toronto you HAVE to go up the CN Tower!

#39 imaisha: Since Malaysia is a tropical country, I think you should really visit some of our famous islands such as Redang Island where you can swim, dive and snorkel to see the amazing underwater world  ..or if you want to know our culture, you can live in a homestay which gives tourists the opportunity to stay with a chosen family, interact and experience the daily life of your homestay family as well as learn the culture and lifestyle of the rural community

#40 maccharedbean: Go to Pantai Cenang in Langkawi and enjoy the sun and beach there.. You may play banana boat and speedboat too.. Thank you for the lottery

#41 Wonglingchih: Thank you for the lottery! I think the forbidden city is very important,but hopefully there will be tens of thousands people crowding.If you do prefer modern arts,you can visit 798 art zone

#42 Kseniya_bor: My city Zaporizhzhya – is famous for the Khortytsya Island – a rennovative settlement of cossaks.

#43 aZn-NiCoLe: Visit Hamburg (much water there lol),the Cologne Cathedral and Dresden (many beautiful old buildings) if you visit Germany.

# 44 niax: If you come to come to Greece you can see some archaeological sites and maybe a nice traditional island. You can taste the Greek salad, as well as souvlaki and mouzaka if you are not vegeterian. Thanks for the nice lottery!

#45 Lucy_Nyu: I would encourage you to visit Prague. Charles Bridge, Petrin, Old Town Square, Vysehrad…many places to see here

#46 xxxxJoe: You can visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden city, some traditional Hutong, and if you will pay a visit to Suzhou and Hangzhou, the beautiful buildings which have a different style will greet you. So will the fantastic scene. What’s more, you can’t miss the delicious food with distant’s features in different areas. Just try, and you will have a nice travel. Thanks for your lottery!

#47 Wuyi1997: I think you should visit our capital city Beijing, to see the Greet Wall and Forbidden city. You can eat some delicious food. Thank you.

#48 nadiykaaa: In my opinion you should visit Tunnel of Love)) Thanks a lot for the lottery!!!!!

#49 zheka: hello) i live in Moscow and i think you should visit the Kremlin and Red Square, viewpoint at Vorobjovy mountains, Tretyakivskaya gallery, Bolshoy theatre (but it’s pretty expensive), Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow Zoo, Arbat (it’s our pedestrian street, paradise for street artists, dancers and musicians and for the people, who like watching their performances; also there you can take part in flash mobs on weekends). Also you should down to the Metro, some stations are really gorgeous. And please, visit Moscow since may till september)) Good luck and thank you for the lottery!))

#50 colee: If you come to Illinois I think you should visit the sears tower or trump tower, our tallest buildings, I would also go to the lakefront,navy pier, or visit the art museum. Don’t forget to try our deep dish pizza Thank you for the lottery!

#51 Lidiya: When you come to Stavropol, I’ll show you the remains of the fortress wall in the centre of the city – it was founded as a fortress to defend the south of Russia from enemies. And in the Local Museum you’ll learn everything about history and culture of our region. As for food, you should taste shashlyk – the Caucasian barbecue

#52 Horace_Pickles: When visiting my area, the temples and shrines of Nikko are a must see (though be aware that some of them are being renovated and thus are covered with scaffolding). You can also visit Lake Chuzenji and see the Kegon Waterfall.

#53 Laurutia: If you’re visiting my town you should visit The Old Town Thanks!

#54 Kseniya2000: Very beautiful postcard! If you visit to Barnaul, you should try Altai region`s cheese – most tasty cheese in all Russia Thank for the lottery!

#55 Raustik: Fantastic card! If you go to Saint-Petersburg you should visit pathetic Hermitage and the Russian museum. Or just walk around the city centre and admire beautiful buildings. Thank you for the lottery!

#56 purplepalacepost: you should visit the river safari in my country Thanks for the lottery!

#57 Aryna: In Kiev you can visit the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the outdoor Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine and Trukhaniv Island (because from there you can see gorgeous view on Dnieper River and other landmarks). Thank you for the lottery!

#58 kaychoo: I live in-between Lancashire and Yorkshire where there is actually quite a lot to visit. :)
– There’s Pendle Hill: famous for its Pendle Witches and was also inspiration for J. R. R. Tolkien’s “misty mountains”.
– There’s Skipton Castle: one of the best preserved medieval castles in England.
– And Bolton Abbey with its gorgeous ruins. Plus, an amazing steam railway not too far by.
Just to name a few. Thank you for the lottery. ^_^

#59 HelenKu: The Solovetsky Islands or Malye Korely in the Arkhangelsk region (Russia). Thank you for the lottery!

#60 yunxiao333: I live in Beijing. The capital city of China! Here there’s a lot to see: Great Wall—the longst wall in the world, Summer Palace—Great Royal park today open to public, The Forbidden City—Royal palace which is HUGE. Thank you for the lottery!

#61 absolutmeliss: I have been to Copenhagen and loved it! If you visited Houston, TX you must go to the food truck park and try any of the foods they have. I would also recommend visiting the SW side of town, because there is an asiatown and a large hispanic community next to each other, so you can have tacos for lunch, and sushi for dinner (or both, there is a mexican sushi restaurant in town!) Thanks in advance!

#62 melfannin: If you ever come to Ohio, you should check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum in Cleveland!

#63 karuusik: If you would like to visit Birmingham then def you need to visit market and Bull Ring shopping center. Its so huge and lot of interesting things!

#64 periwinkle14: If you would visit our country, Philippines, there are lots to see here like the beaches in Boracay, the beach and limestone formations in Palawan, the colorful festivals in most of the provinces, the perfect coned Mayon Volcano. You will definitely enjoy it here.

#65 spockulent: If you come to North Texas, drive around a bit and look at some of the rural areas- some of the towns have really cool buildings and the fields are pretty. If rural stuff isn’t your thing, go see a concert in the House of Blues, or go visit some of the historical districts!

#66 lncrou7: That postcard is awesome! If you come to Austin, you should go and listen to live music downtown.

#67 abbyaguas: Ate Maerose, you might be missing Manila and QC already :3 There aren’t new establishments yet, but probably you might miss going to QC Memorial Circle, MOA, Oceanarium, Star City.. hehe :> I hope you’re having a great time po diyan sa Denmark ^^

#68 jayemarie: If you come to North Carolina, you should drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway for great views of the mountains

#69 Phoebe Wai: Visit small villages like Shek O in Hong Kong Island, or Tai O in the Lantau, or go hiking at Sai Kung – surely another great experience than seeing skyscrapers in the city.

#70 friedgold91: I see you’re from the Philippines, if you haven’t been to Cebu, Magellan’s Cross, Kawasan Falls and beach resorts in Mactan island are a must!

#71 LD7: Welcome to Russia and a wonderful Kamchatka nature landscapes, volcanoes, hot springs and ocean!  Thanks for the lottery!

#72 Yi-Ju: If you like nature, you could visit Hualian, east Taiwan. I enjoy the view of mountain with sea very much! Thank you for the lottery!

#73 Landovb: If you come to Mexico City, you can’t miss the pyramids of Teotihuacan! There’s also the Chapultepec castle, the only one of its kind in Latin America (we normally don’t have royalty in America). There’s also a place called Xochimilco, where you can see the ancient aztec Canals and gardens. And a lot more!

#74 angelordemon: You should see Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Especially, the Old Town Square with its cathedral and townhall with a special clock called orloj. It´s the most charming square in Prague

#75 Saske31: If you come to Groningen, you should go up the Martini tower! From there you can oversee the whole city, it’s beautiful Or you could go to one of the Dutch islands, they’re also very beautiful.

#76 bastille: So much to see in Las Vegas! If I had to choose one, it would be the Bellagio Fountains. It is a huge tourist spot, but even as a local I visit all the time!

#77 Priddie: Of course you should see Cologne Cathedral when you visit my city. And today is the beginning of the carnival which will last until next Tuesday. Many people dress up, wear funny costume and celebrate on the streets. It’s a big party and lot of fun! Thanks for the lottery

#78 Binnington: If you come to England, I’d recommend coming to Yorkshire (the region of England I’m from). It’s a naturally beautiful and picturesque area, the stunning Yorkshire dalesthe Yorkshire wolds (the part of Yorkshire I’m from!), over 65 miles of beaches and the breathtaking moors. I may be slightly biased, but Yorkshire truly is a beautiful part of England.

#79 ferdyaraujo: You should visit the northern border area that is not so known and touristy as the rest of Portugal. It is really worth it.

#80 knally13: I am originally from south Florida, and you should definitely visit either the beautiful beaches of Sanibel Island, or of course visit Disney World in Orlando

#81 galifrey: If you come to northwestern Oregon (in the northwestern United States), be sure to visit Multnomah Falls.

#82 Ognegrivka: If you’ll visit Lithuania you should see The Curonian Spit (Lithuanian: Kuršių nerija). It is a 98 km long, thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Across the Curonian Spit is the port city of Klaipėda – it is my hometown. Thanks for the lottery

#83 Aladdin: we have got lots of nice castles – like a Prague castle in our capital city Prague. and czech republic has got also a famous beer

#84 olasko: If you go Belarus some day you should visit Belovezhskaya Puscha where a lot of wild interesting animals live Congratulations with the 500th day and thank you for your lottery!





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