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When you’re into deltiology, or the study and collection of postcards, you’re not really far from philately, or the study and collection of stamps. I love stamps so much that I decided to start collecting Philippine stamps. The Philippine stamps I have are in Php1- Php30 denominations.


My precious University of the Philippines Centennial Commemorative stamp. (Special sheet with hot foil stamping.)

Designs include the Carillion Tower, the UP logo, the UP Centennial logo, and the UP Oblation. I just Love the metallic effect! I’m one proud UPian! Mabuhay ang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas! Still the number one, the premier state university 😉


The oldest Philippine stamp I have was issued in 2006. It’s one of my favorites. The stamp is rectangular in shape, 1×3 inches in size. It commemorates the Conquest of Mt. Everest by Filipinos. Also on the photo are two special stamps: Iglesia ni Cristo Executive Minister Erano Manalo (1925-2009) issued April 23, 2010; and a commemorative stamp of the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc.’s 100 years of service. Both are 3×4 cms in size.

CY2010 Definitive stamps featuring the Philippine Marine Biodiversity in support of the conservation of marine biodiversity in the country and to showcase its beauty. The Philippines boasts an ocean region which is long known as the world’s  center of marine biodiversity. These stamps are the regular ones sold in post offices all over the country. Denominations are Php1, Php2, Php 4, Php5, Php7, Php8, Php9, Php10, Php20 and Php26. Sad, I don’t have all the denominations.


The last stamp on the image shown above is part of Pheepoy 4 Definitive Stamps issued last November 8, 2010. Pheepoy is the lovable mascot of Philippine Post, a personification of an honest and dedicated postman.

Others are continuation of the issue released in 2011.


Love is in the air with the Valentine’s Day Special issue of Philippine stamps. Lucky to have the two designs in my collection.  The stamps show Pheepoy delivering flowers and chocolates. The stamps were issued January 14, 2011.

The Special First Quarter Issue featuring the Topicals Philippine Hoyas stamps was issued on March 8, 2011. According to PCARRD-DOST website, “Hoya, commonly called wax plant, belongs to the Asclepiadaceae family. They are once part of the Apocinaceae family. In the Philippines, hoyas can be found all over the islands at all altitudes. As early as 1837, Philippine Hoyas was mentioned in the publication of Flora de las Islas Filipinas. To date there are 51 species which have been identified.” The stamps are in Php7 denominations .

Issued last April 11 is the UP College of Law Centennial Commemorative stamp. It shows the building of the University of the Philippines – College of Law and their Centennial logo.The theme of their celebration is “The College of Law and the Challenges to Philippine Law at the Beginning of its Second Century.” Also on the image below is the DBM (Department of Budget and Management) 75th Year Commemorative stamp. It was issued on April 25.

Another Commemorative stamp issued this year (April 25) is for the 25th Anniversary of CARD MRI (Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Mutually Reinforcing Institutions).

Here’s the new batch of the Definitve stamps on Philippine Biodiversity.

Issued last May 30 is the Beatification of Pope John Paul II Special stamps. The great Pope was beatified last May 1. Lucky enough, I was able to get the FDC envelopes containing a block of four Pope John Paul II stamps. The stamps come in four designs while the envelope has two.

In celebration of national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Jose Rizal @ 150 Commemorative stamps were issued last June 19. The stamps are winning designs by Heinritzh Sales, Ramon Vizmonte, Lex Kempo Lacar, and  Marc Aran Reyes.


Coinciding with Rizal’s 150th Birthday is Goethe Institut Philippinen’s 50th Anniversary. The Phil Post issued also last June 19 the Goethe Institut Philippinen @ 50 Commemorative stamps. Jose Rizal made big contributions in the present Philippines-German relations thru his study and works. The stamps show 1.) the fountain that once stood in Wilhemsfeld, Germany, now in Luneta Park; 2.) Jose Rizal’s statue in Wilhemsfeld, Germany; 3.) stamp bearing the colors of the German and the Philippine flag; and 4.) Jose Rizal’s Residence in Wilhemsfeld, Germany in 1886. Viva Deutschland! I heard the German Embassy financed the restoration of Rizal’s famous novel, Noli Mi Tangere (Touch Me Not). Oh well, that’s true, so Vielen Danke, Deutschland!

25th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Revolution Commemorative stamps: The sheet contains four different Corazon Aquino stamps and four Jaime Cardinal Sin stamps. Corazon Aquino is the 11th president and first female president of the Philippines. Cardinal Sin, on the other hand, was the Archbishop during the first EDSA Revolution. He inspired people to pray until Dictator Ferdinand Marcos steps down.

100 Years of Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) Commemorative stamps: On the left most portion of the stamp is the company logo. On the right are the old China Insurance & Surety Co. building in Gandara Street and the twin towers of RCBC Plaza, the headquarters of the Yuchengco Group.

Philippine Endemic Lizards (Third Quarter Topical Issue – July to Semptember 2011). The topic was suggested by a local stamp collector from Mindanao, Benjamin Respicio.

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3 responses to “PHILIPPINE STAMPS (2010-2011)

  1. Sosyal naman, Eros! Gusto ko yung Mt. Everest stamp. Sa UP post office mo ba lahat nabili to? Hirap kasi ako at walang kwenta yung post office malapit samin (walang binebentang pang-collectors chorva). Eh may pasok ako kaya di naman ako makapunta sa main office sa Lawton. 😦

  2. musta po. i also studied in our beloved UP and also a collector. i’m more on stamps though. i have some postcards mints and used, if you’re open to trading/exchange (for stamps). and you may want to join the auction at philpost every 1st and 3rd sundays, 1PM. keep in touch..

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